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Learning Django : Day 4

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·May 20, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Day Four


Hi, So today is my day four of learning Django of this CLG program. It's going pretty well with the help of my seniors. So, You might be wondering what is CLG program? Let me give you a short introduction about it.

What is CLG (Connect Learn Grow) ?

30 days of self guided learning is an initiative by ITSNP ORG to help women tech enthusiast connect and learn new skills daily for 30 days for at least an hour a day while connecting and creating projects together with future women leaders. The main reason of CLG is to make peer-inspiration more efficient, We believe a women can guide, inspire another women for good, The learning can be any new skills like coding, personality development, designing, etc., or even enhancing the existing skills you have. The sole goal here is to learn and to form the habit of learning while making your commitment public to make it more consistent. This learning pattern will help you in three main aspects: Consistency , Peer-Inspiration, and Development.

Consistency means you will develop a habit of learning regularly. So, each day will welcome a better you.

Peer-Inspiration : We always find ourselves exhausted some day, when we get tired but with CLG we want to make a small team who push each other for good, always support and help each other to be a women they look up at.

Development: In this 30 days you’ll learn each day either it’s design, web development, networking, android development or other.

That’s why I call this opportunity having two arrows in a single bow, you even got a chance to learn and earn at the same time. So, it’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Day Four

What I learnt?

1. How to use another external css when we have already included the main or base.html file to the template


2. How to enable auto-reload in Django app

Check out this GitHub repo for more information


3. Learnt more about jinja templating (Not enjoying it tho)

4. Made some more changes on the project that I am working on

Resources :

  1. Django Crash Course by Daniel Roy Greenfeld
  2. Dennis Ivy YouTube Channel
  3. Django Live Reload Readme :

How is it going?

Django seems pretty interesting while learning and trying out new things but there are some things that I don't like.

  1. Jinja Templating
  2. Sometimes, It take a lot of time to load the changes that we make

As the time goes, I will get used to these things.

This much for today, Thank you <3

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